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Founded in 2011.

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"To facilitate an enabling environment and provide services that support disabled people in Nigeria."

Our Mission

"To create a world where disabled people will actively participate in the society and enjoy equal human rights."

Our Vision

"Gender Equality and Women Empowerment (GEWE)"

Thematic Areas

"Gender Based Violence against Women and Girls with Disability (GBVWGD)"

Thematic Areas

Open source education.

Quality delivery of leadership content.

Social entrepreneurship

Our Objectives

  • To strengthen and educate the capacity of persons with disabilities particularly children
  • To promote awareness on the rights of persons with disabilities
  • To collaborate with key stakeholders in establishing linkages for access to social services.
  • To empower persons with disabilities with skills that will make them independent.

What we do...

Inspire & Engage

Thematic Areas  


Development Strategies

  • Legislative advocacy

  • Capacity building

  • Development networking

  • Civic engagement

Recent Projects

We provide tools that enable women challenge the averse stereotypes that hinder them from
successfully scaling up through the intermediary phases of their life

Recent Projects



"Providing services that support persons with disabilities to participate in all
aspects of life"

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